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The Jupiter Jupiter Liquid 6 Battery also known as the Jupiter L6 battery is a slim and powerful vape battery of top of the line quality. It is our most popular vape pen battery, used to power a variety of 510 thread oil cartridges.


Jupiter’s Liquid 6 Power Supply uses a “510” connection (screwed connection with M7 thread). It is compatible with most cartridges designed for use with breath actuated power supplies.


Electical Specifications

Battery Cell Capacity: 340mAh

Max. Power Output: 9.5 W

Max. cURRENT Output: 3 A 

Resistance: 0.9-3.0

Charging Current: 500 + 50 mA (2.5W)

Activation Time: 0 - 10 seconds


User Interface

Cartridge Attachment: 510 screwed connection

Activation: Breath Actuated

Nitificatioin: LED

Low Battery Notification: None

Charging Indication: LED lights during charging LED flashes then turns off when fully charged.


Jupiter Liquid 6 Battery Features

Quick activation means vapor is produced within the first 1-10 seconds.  The Jupiter L6 batter is inhaled activated meaning no more buttons!  All Jupiter batteries feature fixed output voltage near 4v.  Jupiter has increased performance by increasing the power output.  More power provides richer vapor with higher dosages from shorter draws.


Using the auto activation is simple.  Twist on your compatible 510 bottom airflow cartridge and inhale, its that easy!  Jupiter Research and CCell technologies have revolutionize the vape battery industry. include the 510 thread to USB Charger.  Charging only takes 1-2 hours and can be charged using any standard USB 2.0


Jupiter Liquid 6 vs CCell M3 Battery

A popular question we often get asked is what is the difference between the Jupiter 6 battery and the CCell M3 Battery?  The answer can be confusing because both CCell and Jupiter are manufactured by the same company Smoore.  Smoore has allowed CCell and Jupiter to brand and sell their products under two different names.  Therefore the M3 is basically the same exact battery as the L6.


Jupiter Liquid 6 Battery

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